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Production method of saccharin sodium

TIME:21-06-04    NUM:0

Under normal circumstances, saccharin sodium is mainly produced by the toluene method and the phthalic anhydride method. Among them, in the process of producing sodium saccharin by the toluene method, an intermediate product of o-toluene sulfonamide is generally produced, and insoluble saccharin is often formed after the o-toluene sulfonamide is oxidized and acidified. In the actual production process, due to incomplete oxidation, unreacted o-toluene sulfonamide cannot be completely separated, and o-toluene sulfonamide is a carcinogen. In this case, the national industrial policy further restricts the development of the sodium saccharin industry . For this reason, the state conducts fixed-point production, limited production and sales control of sodium saccharin products. For the annual production plan, enterprises need to approve and strictly manage the use of sodium saccharin products.

Sodium saccharin is still a high-pollution industry. The production of sodium saccharin consumes 14 kinds of chemical raw and auxiliary materials such as strong acids and alkalis. For every 1 ton of saccharin sodium, 13.2 tons of raw materials and 24 tons of water are consumed, and the total amount of waste discharged is as high as 26.2 tons. Things usually pollute the environment.