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The characteristics and uses of saccharin sodium

TIME:21-06-04    NUM:1

In terms of sweetness, the anions decomposed by sodium saccharin have a strong sweetness, but in the molecular state, there is no sweetness, but bitterness. Saccharin sodium has high solubility and high dissociation degree, so it has strong sweetness. Saccharin sodium will slowly decompose after boiling. If used in combination with other sweeteners in an appropriate ratio, it will be closer to the sweetness of granulated sugar. Sodium saccharin does not cause food staining and fermentation.

When its concentration is relatively large, it has a bitter taste. Heating the saccharin sodium under acidic conditions will lose its sweetness and form bitter anthranilic acid. This substance is colorless and has stable performance because of its heat. It is relatively low and is not easily absorbed by the body, but can be excreted with urine and feces. Therefore, saccharin sodium is used as a substitute for sugar by patients with obesity and hyperlipidemia.