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Method for detecting moisture of p-chlorobenzoic acid

TIME:21-04-02    NUM:0

Instrument: SFY—3 type trace moisture analyzer


HFK-03 Karl Fischer (coulometric method) reagent

Operation process:

a) Turn on the instrument switch and warm up For 20 minutes, turn on the stirring button and the electrolysis button, press the start button, and the electrolysis will start at this time.

The end point indicator of the instrument turns from green to red, and an alarm 3 times, reaching the end point (check one key and check two key are in red light state when using).

b) USE The 100ul sampler takes about 20ul of the sample and weighs it on an electronic balance (accurate to 0.0002g). After pressing the start button, quickly inject the sample into the electrolysis cell. The instrument starts electrolysis. When it reaches the end point, the end point light turns from green. Is red.


According to the formula (1), calculate the moisture X% in the sample


In the formula:

            W--microgram water displayed by the moisture analyzer, ug

m--sample mass, g