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TIME:21-04-02    NUM:0

Supported by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and hosted by the Korea Pharmaceutical Association (KPMA) and Kyungyon Exhibition Company of Korea, the "KOREA CHEM 2021" and "KOREA PHARM & BIO 2021" exhibitions will be held on April 13-16, 2021. Held at the KINTEX Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea. The exhibition is held once a year, first held in 2007, and has now developed into the most representative pharmaceutical and chemical industry exhibition in Korea. More than 580 companies participated in the last exhibition, attracting more than 29,000 professional visitors to visit the exhibition.


The Korea Chemical and Pharmaceutical API Industry Exhibition is the only large-scale exhibition in Korea focusing on pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic manufacturing and packaging trade. In recent years, the Korean chemical industry, especially the pharmaceutical API industry, has maintained an average annual growth rate of about 10%, which has brought a broad market to related production and trading industries. At the same time, the exhibition is held for product suppliers and buyers. Provides an efficient and professional one-stop trading platform. During the exhibition, a series of professional forums and seminars will bring timely market information and industry trends to the participants.


Concurrent exhibitions: Korea Cosmetics Material Exhibition (CI KOREA), Korea Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition (COPHEX), Korea International Laboratory and Analytical Equipment Exhibition (KOREA LAB) and Korea International Material Handling and Logistics Exhibition (KOREA MAT), etc.

1. Basic information of the exhibition

Exhibition name: Korea Chemical and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition (KOREA CHEM & KOREA PHARM 2021)

Exhibition time: April 13-16, 2021

Exhibition location: Seoul, South Korea


2. Exhibition content

Pharmaceuticals: pharmaceutical raw materials, API, pharmaceutical fine chemicals, intermediates, pharmaceutical additives, pharmaceutical agents, natural extracts, healthy functional food raw materials and materials, biomedicine, biosimilars, biotechnology, pharmaceutical outsourcing and services, experiments Laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, syringes, etc.

Chemicals: fine chemicals, chemical equipment, instrumentation, automatic control technology, heat exchangers, evaporators, distillation, crystallization, gas absorption, drying, filtration, centrifugal separators, dust removal, chemical reactors, pulverizers, mixers, etc.

Commissioned services and outsourcing: commissioned production (CMO) and services, CRO, clinical trials (pre-clinical, 1-4 phases),

Biological equivalent testing, clinical data management and investigation, analysis and testing services, other commissioned services, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.