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2021 Turkey International Dyestuff and Chemical Exhibition

TIME:21-03-05    NUM:0

1. Exhibition date: March 11-13, 2021

2. Exhibition location Istanbul, Turkey

3. Exhibition content

Dyes: acid dyes, insoluble azo dyes, basic and cationic dyes, direct dyes, disperse dyes, acid mordant and acid mordant dyes, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, etc.

Organic pigments: azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, lake pigments, reduced pigments, heterocyclic pigments, fluorescent pigments, pearlescent pigments, color-changing pigments, plastic pigments, etc.

Printing materials, various brighteners;

Intermediates: benzene series intermediates, naphthalene series intermediates, anthraquinone series intermediates, etc.

Auxiliaries: pre-treatment auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, finishing auxiliaries, printing auxiliaries, other auxiliaries, etc.

Textile chemicals: raw materials for textile auxiliaries, organic silicon and organic fluorine, textile finishing agents, sizing agents, other raw materials, etc.

All kinds of digital printing machinery and materials, inks, inks, traditional printing glue, screen, squeegee, photosensitive glue, etc.;

Five, exhibition introduction

The exhibition is a professional exhibition focusing on dyes and pigments and digital printing in Turkey. The scale of the exhibition is expected to be 4000 square meters. It has received strong support and participation from the Turkish Textile Printing and Dyeing Association. During the exhibition, the association will organize member units to visit the exhibition and plan to conduct bulk purchasing activities. The organizer of the exhibition is Artkim, a local professional exhibition company in Turkey. The organizer is also the organizer of the Turkish Coatings Exhibition (Turkcoat) and the Turkish Chemical Industry Exhibition (Turkchem). The media will conduct all-round publicity and report to the exhibition to ensure exhibitors' participation effects.

Turkey is one of the countries with the fastest economic development in the world today. Turkey's superior geographical location and geographical advantages across the Eurasian continent have become a trade base linking Asia-Europe textile printing and dyeing, and garment processing. In addition, the textile industry accounts for a large proportion of Turkey's domestic economy and has become an important economic pillar industry in Turkey. The textile industry has a great demand for dyes and organic pigments. The raw materials used rely on imports to meet the needs of the growing textile printing and dyeing industry. The dye exhibition project is a good opportunity for Chinese companies to develop and expand the Turkish market.

Six, market introduction

◆Excellent geographical location: Turkey is located at the junction of Europe and Asia. It can radiate to the Middle East and Central Asia in the east, connect Ukraine and former Eastern Europe through the Black Sea in the north, and connect with North Africa through the Mediterranean Sea in the south. It has close political and economic relations with Europe; due to its special historical relationship with the five Central Asian countries, it has become the leader of the countries in the region in terms of political and economic relations. Turkey has convenient transportation, and major cities all over the world have regular flights to Turkey's international airport. In addition, Turkey’s roads extend in all directions, allowing direct access to Asian and European countries. The Turkish market has a very large radiation area and is a bridgehead and an important transit point for entering the markets of North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In addition, due to the same religious beliefs, Turkey also has its own unique advantages in trading with neighboring Islamic countries.

◆Rapid economic growth: Turkey is another booming emerging economy after China, India, Russia, Brazil and other BRIC countries, and enjoys the reputation of a "new diamond" country in the international community. After joining the European Customs Union in 1996, foreign investors feel safer and have more possibilities to enter the Turkish market. Turkey's goal is to enter the top ten of the world economy and become a financial, trade, manufacturing and export center at the meeting point of Europe and Asia. In 2023, the goal of export development in the 100th anniversary of the civil engineering nation is to reach 500 billion US dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 12%.

◆Broad prospects for cooperation: China and Turkey are both emerging economies with huge potential for economic and trade cooperation. The dye and digital printing industry is an extremely important industry in Turkey. There are more than 6,200 printing and dyeing and digital printing companies in Turkey, employing 200,000 people. The export of dye chemicals and digital printing products accounted for an important proportion of the total Turkish exports. In 2018, the exports of chemical products accounted for 12.7% of Turkey's total exports. Turkey's printing and dyeing chemicals and digital printing products are exported to more than 190 countries and regions all over the world. As a result, Turkey's import demand for printing and dyeing chemicals is also huge. In 2019, the total amount of chemical imports was 82.5 billion US dollars. By 2020, the total chemical imports reached 125 billion US dollars, an annual growth rate of 10%.