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Benzyl alcohol preparation method

TIME:21-03-05    NUM:0

Benzyl chloride hydrolysis

It is obtained by heating and hydrolyzing benzyl chloride as raw material under the catalysis of alkali. Specification of perfume-grade benzyl alcohol (QB792-81): relative density 1.041-1.046, refractive index 1.538-1.541, boiling range 203-206℃, distillate amount is above 95%, solubility is completely soluble in 30 times volume of distilled water, containing The alcohol content is ≥98%, and the chlorine test (NF) is a side reaction. Raw material consumption quota: benzyl chloride 1600kg/t; soda ash 1000kg/t.

Toluene oxidation

Under the action of a basic catalyst, toluene is oxidized to produce benzyl alcohol. Considering that benzyl alcohol is difficult to separate from the reaction products of acetic acid, benzyl acetate and water, it is under the action of a specific catalyst to iodide styrene-divinylbenzene , Cyclic reaction; and benzyl acetate, methanol can also be carried out

The transesterification reaction, after separation and purification, can obtain high-purity benzyl alcohol.

Synthesis of Benzyl Alcohol from Benzene and Formaldehyde

Using β-cyclodextrin as the parent, firstly react with maleic anhydride to synthesize bis(6-oxo-butenedioic acid monoester) β-cyclodextrin (abbreviated as E1), and then modify E1 with chloroacetic acid to obtain bis[ 6-Oxy-(3-deoxycitric acid monoester)] β-cyclodextrin (abbreviated as E2), using E1 or E2 as a catalyst to catalyze the reaction of benzene and formaldehyde to produce benzyl alcohol.

Preparation of Benzyl Alcohol by Hydrolysis of Benzyl Ester

Using benzyl formate, propionate, benzyl acetate or benzyl benzoate as raw materials, liquid phase hydrolysis is carried out at a temperature of 150-320°C to prepare benzyl alcohol. After the hydrolysis, the reaction mixture is cooled to a temperature of 80-180°C, layered, and the organic phase is separated to obtain benzyl alcohol with a purity of greater than 98%, and the conversion rate is greater than 98%.