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The main use of o-chlorotoluene

TIME:21-03-05    NUM:0

O-chlorotoluene is one of the important organic chemical raw materials, intermediates for pesticides, medicines, peroxides, dyes and other industrial products. It is widely used as a solvent for reaction and dissolution of special products.

O-Chlorotoluene is used to produce 3-chlorotoluene, dichlorotoluene, o-chloroaniline and other products.

Ortho-chlorotoluene and sodium hydroxide are hydrolyzed at 340and almost quantitatively converted into 2-cresol and 3-cresol. O-chlorotoluene is in liquid ammonia, using sodium as a catalyst to generate 67% 2-methylaniline and 33% 3 -Methylaniline.

O-chlorotoluene is the raw material for the production of 2-chlorobenzyl chloride, 2-chlorobenzyl trichloride, 2-chlorobenzaldehyde, 2-chlorobenzoyl chloride and 2-chlorobenzoic acid. These compounds are used in the manufacture of dyes and medicines. , Brighteners, fungicides and other products.