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The 11th India International Rubber and Tire Industry Exhibition in 2021

TIME:20-12-25    NUM:1


Exhibition time: January 19-21, 2021

Exhibition location: New Delhi, India

Exhibition cycle: every two years

Exhibition content: tires and rubber: various tires, retreads, rims, valves, and related products; natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, carbon black, additives, framework materials, etc.; hoses, tapes, latex products, seals Parts, rubber parts, miscellaneous parts, etc.; conveyor belts; canvas and rubber shoes; various industrial, agricultural, medical, and domestic rubber products; rubber and plastic product manufacturing and mechanical testing equipment.

  Exhibition introduction: The exhibition is organized by the All India Rubber Association and held every two years. It is held alternately in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, India. It has been successfully held for nine sessions and enjoys a good reputation and brand influence. Following the unprecedented results of the 2019 exhibition in Mumbai, IRE has returned to New Delhi after a six-year absence. The exhibition has formed a full industrial chain model, from rubber tire production raw materials and additives, to processing and manufacturing equipment, to tire products, and then to the use and treatment of reclaimed rubber/retreaded tires, allowing the exhibition audience to fully understand the status of the Indian rubber industry. A targeted inspection of upstream and downstream products is a professional rubber and tire industry exhibition in India.

The total exhibition area of the last exhibition was 34,000 square meters. More than 550 companies from 15 countries including China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand participated in the exhibition, including China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries. Pavilion. There were 26,000 professional visitors at the exhibition, with visitors from more than 20 countries and regions including Bangladesh, Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and Turkey.