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The difference between tech grade and food grade fumaric acid

TIME:20-11-03    NUM:0

Fumaric acid is divided into two categories, one is tech grade, which is generally used in industrial production, but it cannot be eaten, otherwise it will be dangerous. The other is food grade. Although it can be used as a food additive, it cannot be used too much. There are differences between the two products, which can be compared in the following ways:

1. tech grade fumaric acid:

It is produced by the isomerization reaction of maleic anhydride aqueous solution. It is a white crystal whose content can reach 99%. It can be mainly used in unsaturated resin, organic synthesis, oil and other industries.

2. Food grade fumaric acid:

It is produced by pure benzene oxidation method. It is also a kind of white crystal. Its chromaticity can reach 15. It can be used as souring agent, preservative, antioxidant, etc., and it can also be used to produce juice and soda...ect

tech grade and food grade fumaric acid, not only their uses are different, more importantly, the two cannot be mixed, especially tech grade products cannot directly contact food, otherwise it will be very dangerous.