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TIME:24-01-12    NUM:5

SNOWHITE CHEMICAL is one of the world's major suppliers of benzoic acid and sodium benzoate. Its main products include six series of industrial-grade benzoic acid, pharmaceutical-grade benzoic acid, feed-grade benzoic acid, and food-grade sodium benzoate powder, strips, and granules. .

SNOWHITE CHEMICAL has passed ISO9000 quality system certification. At present, it has formed a scale of producing 41,000 tons of industrial grade benzoic acid, 1,500 tons of pharmaceutical grade benzoic acid, 21,000 tons of powdered sodium benzoate, and 3,100 tons of strip sodium benzoate. The quality of the products produced by SNOWHITE has met various standards such as GB-1929-94, 93, BP98-2009, FCC, and USP.

    Our company's products meet quality standards in every quality inspection. Our products are exported to major markets around the world, including Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Africa.

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