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benzoic acid Feed/Animal Grade

TIME:23-12-08    NUM:2

Benzene acid is a common organic acid that is widely used in the feed industry. It has antibacterial, bacteriostatic, growth-promoting and other functions, so it is widely used in feed additives to improve the growth performance of animals. and health status.

Benzoic acid has antibacterial properties. Adding benzoic acid to feed can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in the feed, reduce feed deterioration and mildew, thereby ensuring the quality and nutritional value of the feed. At the same time, the antibacterial effect can also reduce the infection of animals by pathogenic bacteria, improve the immunity of animals, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Benzoic acid also has growth-promoting effects. Research shows that adding an appropriate amount of benzoic acid to feed can promote animal growth and improve feed utilization. This is because benzoic acid can change the structure of intestinal flora, increase the number of beneficial bacteria and reduce the number of harmful bacteria, thereby improving the digestion and absorption efficiency of feed. In addition, benzoic acid can also promote the gastrointestinal motility of animals, increase appetite, increase feed intake, and thus promote the growth of animals.

Benzoic acid also has antioxidant properties. Adding benzoic acid to feed can inhibit the oxidation reaction of lipids in the feed, reduce the harmful substances produced by the decomposition and oxidation of lipids, and protect the nutrients in the feed from being destroyed. At the same time, the antioxidant effect can also reduce the production of free radicals in animals, delay cell aging, and improve the animal's disease resistance and immunity.

Benzoic acid also has the effect of reducing ammonia nitrogen content in feed. Ammonia nitrogen is a common harmful substance in feed. High concentrations of ammonia nitrogen can irritate the intestinal mucosa of animals and cause indigestion and disease. Benzoic acid can combine with ammonia nitrogen to form water-insoluble ammonium benzoate salt, thereby reducing the ammonia hydrogen content in the feed, reducing the irritation to animals, and improving the safety and utilization of the feed.

In general, the application of benzoic acid in feed has various effects such as antibacterial, bacteriostatic, growth promotion, antioxidant and reduction of ammonia nitrogen content. Through reasonable additive formulation and appropriate use, the effect of benzoic acid can be maximized and the quality of feed and the growth performance of animals can be improved. However, care should be taken to control the amount of benzoic acid used to avoid possible adverse effects caused by excessive use or long-term use. Therefore, when using benzoic acid as a feed additive, it should be used scientifically and rationally according to actual needs and specific conditions.

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