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Phthalic anhydride price this week in China (10.14-10.20)

TIME:23-10-20    NUM:4

The domestic market price trend of o-phthalic anhydride declined slightly. As of the weekend, the quoted price of o-phthalic anhydride was 8,300 yuan/ton, down 1.04% from the price at the beginning of the week of 8,387.5 yuan/ton, and down 20.95% year-on-year. At present, the domestic operating rate of phthalic anhydride remains at more than 60%, and the supply of phthalic anhydride is relatively normal. The recent downstream procurement situation is average. Some phthalic anhydride manufacturers have lowered their ex-factory prices, and the phthalic anhydride market has fallen slightly.

The short-term o-xylene price trend is mainly stable, and the downstream plasticizer market has declined slightly. The purchasing enthusiasm of the plasticizer industry is average. Affected by this, it is expected that the short-term o-phthalic anhydride market price trend is mainly stable.

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