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SNOWHITE Phthalic anhydride price this week (20230918-20230922)

TIME:23-09-22    NUM:2

As of September 22nd o-xylene price 9200 yuan/tonne, compared with September 15th o-xylene price 9000 yuan/tonne rose 200 yuan/tonne, up 2.22%. Mixed xylene price first rose and then fell, o-xylene cost fell; downstream phthalic anhydride market first rose and then fell, o-xylene demand fell back, cost support fell downstream demand fell back, o-xylene price rose this week.

Mixed xylene price 8660 yuan / tonne, compared with September 15 mixed xylene price 8670 yuan / tonne fell, down 0.12%. Crude oil prices fell back at a high level, mixed xylene prices first rose and then fell, raw material costs fell, o-xylene quotes rising support weakened.


O-phthalic anhydride quotes 8787.50 yuan / tonne, compared with the price of phthalic anhydride on September 15 8775 yuan / tonne rose, up 0.14%. Phthalic anhydride part of the enterprise restart, phthalic anhydride supply increased, phthalic anhydride prices fell; plasticiser enterprises start low, downstream purchasing enthusiasm is poor, phthalic anhydride demand is weak, the high price of phthalic anhydride resistance, phthalic anhydride this week to stop the rise fell.