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China’s phthalic anhydride market price trend (9.9-9.15)

TIME:23-09-15    NUM:1

The domestic market price trend of o-phthalic anhydride has increased. As of the weekend, the quoted price of o-phthalic anhydride was 8,775 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.15% from the price at the beginning of the week of 8,675 yuan/ton, and a year-on-year decrease of 8.59%.

Domestic phthalic anhydride equipment is operating smoothly. The domestic phthalic anhydride operating rate is now more than 60%. The supply of phthalic anhydride is relatively normal. Recent downstream purchases are acceptable. The transaction status of phthalic anhydride is normal. The market price of phthalic anhydride is slightly higher.

The short-term o-xylene price trend is rising, while the downstream plasticizer market trend is declining. The plasticizer industry is not very enthusiastic about purchasing. It is expected that the short-term o-phthalic anhydride market price will mainly increase due to the strong support of raw materials.

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