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Preparation method and application of cellulose acetate butyrate

TIME:22-09-30    NUM:0

Acetic anhydride is produced by pyrolysis of acetic acid. Acetic anhydride and butyric acid are made by anhydride exchange method to make butyric anhydride. Using refined cotton linters to use sulfuric acid as a catalyst, acetic acid and butyric acid as a solvent, and acetic anhydride to carry out a homogeneous esterification reaction to obtain a crude product, which is then hydrolyzed, neutralized, precipitated, washed, cooked, and dried to obtain the final product acetic acid. Cellulose butyrate.

It has excellent moisture resistance, UV resistance, cold resistance, flexibility, transparency, electrical insulation and other properties, and has good compatibility with resins and high-boiling point plasticizers. It can be used to make film bases, aerial photography bases, Films, oil field natural gas and other transportation pipelines, tool handles, glass lamps for automobiles and airplanes, underground telephone lines and cable pipes, steering wheels, sign surfaces, flash reflectors, etc. Man-made fibers.