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Performance characteristics of xanthan gum

TIME:22-09-16    NUM:0

Xanthan gum is currently the most superior biological glue in the world, integrating thickening, suspending, emulsifying and stabilizing. The number of pyruvic acid groups at the end of the molecular side chain of xanthan gum has a great influence on its performance. Xanthan gum has the general properties of long-chain polymers, but it contains more functional groups than general polymers, and will show unique properties under specific conditions. Its conformation in aqueous solution is diverse and exhibits different properties under different conditions.

1. Suspension and emulsification

2. Good water solubility

3. Thickening

4. Pseudoplasticity

5. Thermal stability

6. Stability to acid and alkali

7. Stability to salt

8. Stability to enzymatic hydrolysis