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Problems Existing in Domestic Xanthan Gum Production

TIME:22-09-16    NUM:0

In the late 1980s, dissolved oxygen and bacteria were the two major problems that plagued the industrial production of xanthan gum in my country. With the invention of the GSM fermenter and the solution of the bacterial contamination problem, xanthan gum has entered the stage of industrialization. But with the expansion of the production scale and the expansion of the market, the quality problems of xanthan gum have become increasingly prominent. Of course, there are many problems affecting the quality of xanthan gum finished products, such as the selection of raw materials, the reasonable ratio of raw materials, strain selection, fermentation technology, post-processing technology, production equipment, etc., will affect its quality. However, the factors affecting the quality of domestic xanthan gum are three aspects: strain problem, fermentation process and post-treatment process.

Through the laboratory analysis of domestic and foreign products and the novelty search of relevant departments, there are six major differences between domestic xanthan gum and KELCO company in the United States and Phone-Poulen company in France: the color of xanthan gum is darker; the particles of the finished product are not uniform enough; The specific gravity of different batches is different; the solubility is poor; the viscosity of the finished product is low and the stability of heat resistance and acid-base is poor; the ash content and nitrogen content of the finished product are slightly higher; the microbial index is too high.

American KELCO company is the world's pioneer of xanthan gum producers, representing the development direction of international xanthan gum, its xanthan gum products have the following obvious advantages: the product feels rough, sandy, easy to disperse in water, water-soluble Good, the color is lighter, the viscosity is up to 2500cp, and the thermal stability is strong.

Domestic xanthan gum has its own strengths in terms of color, gel feel, solubility, dispersibility and viscosity. The products of Shandong Zhongxuan, Gansu Shunxing, Hebei Xinhe, and Jiangsu Jinhu are similar, and the products of Henan Tianguan have fluid solubility better features.