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Uses of SNOWHITE Brand Sodium Carbonate

TIME:22-08-26    NUM:2

Sodium carbonate is one of the important chemical raw materials, widely used in light industry, daily chemicals, building materials, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense, medicine and other fields. Detergent, also used in the field of photography and analysis. Followed by metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense, medicine and other industries. The glass industry is the largest consumer of soda ash, consuming 0.2 tons of soda ash per ton of glass. In industrial soda ash, mainly light industry, building materials, chemical industry, accounting for about 2/3, followed by metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense, medicine and other industries.

1. The glass industry is the largest source of consumption of soda ash, which consumes 0.2t of soda ash per ton of glass. Mainly used for float glass, picture tube glass bulb, optical glass, etc.

2. Used in chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. The use of heavy soda ash can reduce the flying of alkali dust, reduce the consumption of raw materials, improve the working conditions, and also improve the quality of products.

3. As a buffer, neutralizer and dough improver, it can be used in cakes and flour products, and can be used in moderation according to production needs.

4. As a detergent for wool rinsing, bath salts and medicines, alkali agents in tanning leather.

5. It is used in the food industry as a neutralizing agent and a leavening agent, such as the manufacture of amino acids, soy sauce and flour products such as steamed bread and bread. It can also be made into alkaline water and added to pasta to increase elasticity and ductility. Sodium carbonate can also be used to produce monosodium glutamate

6. Special reagents for color TV

7. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an antacid and osmotic laxative.

8. It is used for chemical and electrochemical degreasing, chemical copper plating, etching of aluminum, electrolytic polishing of aluminum and alloys, chemical oxidation of aluminum, sealing after phosphating, rust prevention between processes, electrolytic removal of chromium plating and Removal of chromium oxide film, etc., also used in pre-copper plating, steel plating, steel alloy plating electrolyte

9. The metallurgical industry is used as a smelting flux, a flotation agent for beneficiation, and as a desulfurizer in steelmaking and antimony smelting.

10. It is used as water softener in printing and dyeing industry.

11. The tanning industry is used for degreasing raw hides, neutralizing chrome tanning leather and improving the alkalinity of chrome tanning liquor.

12. Benchmark of acid solution in quantitative analysis. Determination of aluminum, sulfur, copper, lead and zinc. Test urine and whole blood glucose. Analysis of co-solvents for silica in cement. Metallographic analysis, etc.