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Mixed Dibasic Esters (DBEs)



CAS NO.: 95481-62-2

Molecular Formula: CH3OOC(CH2)nCOOCH3n=2,3,4

Molecular Weight: 159 (average value)


The mixed diabasic ester (DBEs), also known as dimethyl nylon acid, is a kind of non-toxic, colorless, transparent liquid with slight odor, and it’s a mixture of three different kinds of solvents. It is a biodegradable environmental friendly solvent with high boiling point and has extra-strong solvency.

The mixed diabasic esters are made up of dimethyl succinate  CH3OOC(CH2)2COOCH3 15-25%, dimethyl glutarate CH3OOC(CH2)3COOCH3 55-65%, and dimethyl adipate CH3OOC(CH2)4COOCH3 10-25%. And the proportion of different components are adjustable according to special requirements.


The mixed diabasic esters have features as follows:
1.Improving pigment covering performance in some industrial dope;
2.Quickening the improvement process of flexibility and adhesive force;
3.Good stability, and leveling performance;
4.Better solubility;
5.Low toxicity and low moisture content;
6.High boiling point and long distilling range;
7.Clean burning steam and high combustion heat value;

Main Applications:

The mixed diabasic esters can be used in a wide selection of applications, such as coatings, stoving varnish, metal decorating coating, automobile coating, varnished wire coating, carpentry coating, water-based paint, printing ink industry, resin industry, intermediate for organic synthesis, industrial cleaning, paint remover, adhesive of castings, etc.

1. Coil coating Ruanta: the mixed diabasic esters can contribute to balancing the volatilizing speed of the whole process and prevent paint film from popping or overbaking defects caused by over-speed volatilization. Also, it allows the film to get a smoother appearance, better toughness and post-deformability, better hiding power of the paint.

2. Automobile coating: in automobile coating and various resin systems, the DBEs can help the middle coating and finishing paint to get ideal gloss and plumpness of film surface. And it can improve the moistening, levelling, re-levelling properties of formula.

3. Varnished wire coating: as the mixed dibasic ester is an ideal solvent for coating formulas like polyvinyl butyral, polyvinyl formal, polyurethane, polyester and polyestermide, it can replace cresol used in polyester and polyesteramide systems. When used in coating formulas, the mixed dibasic ester can help to produce a high solid and low viscosity resin without corrosiveness, which makes it easier for customers to store the resin.

4. Stoving varnish industry Ruanta: the volatility of the mixed dibasic ester is very special: as the temperature increases, its volatilizing speed become faster. The volatility is slow in the first stage but fast in the second stage, which is very good for drying process. The solvent volatilization curve goes more smoothly and solvent volatilizes more equally, which is good for improving the levelling and gloss, and eliminating surface defects.

5. Water-based paint RUANTA: the DBEs is a good coalescent for water-based latex paints.

6. Printing ink industry RUANTA: the mixed dibasic ester is a good substitute of isophorone which is a kind of toxic and stinky solvent with high boiling point in printing ink.

7. Metal decorating coating RUANTA: DBEs can be used in tins and container paints to replace isophorone and propylene glycol ether solvents. Its high solvency and low volatilizing rate provide better levelling, flexibility, adhesiveness for paints.

8. Carpentry coating: the wide boiling range and buffer range of the mixed dibasic ester allow better flexibility and selectivity for guests to choose solvent formulas and other execution conditions. Also, the DBEs can change the volatilizing speed, improve levelling, as well as avoid surface defects like external haze and pinhole.

9. Industrial cleaning RUANTA: for industrial cleaning, the mixed dibasic ester is commonly used as a cleaning agent and paint remover.

10. Resin industry RUANTA: the low viscosity of DBE can reduce the viscosity of resins without decreasing the molecular weight or solidity. Also, DBE can increase the solidity of resins while keeping the original viscosity of resins. With DBE, high solid and low viscosity resins can be easily manufactured in large scale.

11. Intermediate for organic synthesis RUANTA: the mixed dibasic ester is commonly used as the raw material for a wide selection of chemical products like medicine, pesticide, initiator, etc.

DBE could replace the solvents as follows:

RUANTA— isophorone;
RUANTA— cyclohexanone;
RUANTA—ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate (CAC);
RUANTA— diacetone alcohol;
RUANTA—ethylene glycol monobutyl ether;
RUANTA—solvents such as cresol;
RUANTA—propylene glycol ether series solvents.

Package and storage:

   ●  Package: net weight: 50 kg/plastic drum, 220kg/iron/plastic drum, 1100kg/IBC drum and bulk.

   ●  Transportation: according to the normal liquid freight transportation restrictions.

   ●  Storage: the mixed dibasic ester is a kind of non-harmful substance with low flammability, and it can be ignited under excessive heat, flame or oxidizing agents. So it has to be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated places. And violent collision and rain during moving and shipping should be avoided. With no corrosivity and no photochemical reactions, this kind of ester can be placed in ordinary vessels in dark places.
Quality Standard(According to Standard Q/CYLH001-2007):

Quality Standard(According to Standard Q/CYLH001-2007):




Colorless transparent liquid

Ester Content (%)

99.0 min

Dimethyl Glutarate (%)


Dimethyl Succinate (%)


Dimethyl Adipate (%)


Moisture (%)

0.1 max

Acid Value (mg KOH /g)0.2 max
Color (APHA)15 max
Density (20℃ g/ml)1.076-1.096

Distillation Range ℃


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