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Pharmaceutical intermediates
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2-Chlorobenzoic acid


(1) Properties:

It’s a kind of white or whitish crystallized powder, easy to sublimate, it is soluble in water-free ethanol, methanol and hot water etc, but hard soluble in cold water or methyl benzene. d=1.54; Melting point: 142°C.

(2) Usages:

It is a kind of organic synthetic raw material, it can be applied in making of pharmacy such as Chlorpromazine and Chlorprothixene etc, also as intermediates of dyestuff and pesticides, and as anti-corrosion agent of glue, pigments and paint etc.

(3) Quality Index

Purity (%)≥99.0
P-Chlorobenzoic acid (%)≤0.8
Reduction due to heating(%)≤1
(4) Storage & Package:

It needs to be stored in 25kg or 50kg inner-lined poly bags, at cool, ventilated and dry places. Remember to keep rain water away during transportation.

(5) Toxicity & Protection
It is toxic. Not to handle it by naked hand, in non-airtight places, the operators ought to wear protective articles.